Food & Wine

With over 85 exhibitors, below is a small selection of some of our food and wine exhibits.

Fun Guy Fungi

Fun Guy Fungi has been having a lot of fun for over three years developing a pretty cool thing: a box full of coffee waste that grows gourmet mushrooms - just add water!

Join us at the fair to find out more!

Wrappa Reusable Food Wraps

Every year the average Australian family uses over 400m of plastic wrap. This can't be recycled and ends up as landfill which takes hundreds of years to break down.
Wrappa Reusable Food Wraps are a fun and funky environmentally friendly replacement to plastic wrap. Come and meet the team from Wrappa at the fair to find out more.

Foodbank South Australia Inc

Foodbank is South Australia’s largest food rescue and food relief charity acting as a pantry to the charities and community groups who feed the less fortunate. Established in 2000 it now has a presence in South Australia every state with its main warehouse in Edwardstown and three distribution centres Mt Gambier, Whyalla and Riverland. Last year alone, Foodbank rescued more than 1,300,000 kg of food that would otherwise have gone to waste. World Environment Fair is supporting Foodbank to encourage everyone who comes to the Fair to donate a can of food or a carton of long life milk. Drop off areas will be at the entry points of the Fair. We are aiming to collect 5,000 cans and cartons.

We thank you in advance for your kindness and generosity.

Gut Feeling SA

Our mission is to bring vibrant, healthy, delicious fermented products to the people of South Australia whilst doing our very best to support local and sustainable growers.

Join us at the fair to find out more!

Raw Vine Estate

Raw Vine Estate wines are sourced only from certified, organic vines that have not been tarnished by the harsh effects of artificial herbicides, pesticides or synthetic fertilisers. Our wines have no added preservatives or filled with any animal products, just the earth itself.

Join us at the fair to find out more!

Brother Bear Wholefood Cafe

Passionate about healthy, local and creative food. Brother Bear supports local growers, catering to most dietary needs. The team from Brother Bear will peddle power you a healthy shake at World Environment Fair!