Do Your Bit

Declare your support and choose to make changes to your lifestyle that will have a positive impact on the health of our planet. World Environment Fair has all sorts of ideas on display designed to help lessen the impact on the environment.

Little effort – big impact

  • Recycle — reduce your contribution to landfill
  • Grow a veggie garden — you won’t believe the difference in taste
  • Plant a native garden — create a wildlife friendly garden
  • Start a compost bin or worm farm — great for the garden and food for your veggies
  • Use your own shopping bags — cloth bags are best and can be composted later
  • Ride a bike or walk — your body will benefit and so will your hip pocket
  • Take public transport— save on petrol and reduce your carbon footprint
  • Install skylights — natural light is the best
  • Use energy saving light globes — long lasting and better for the environment
  • Choose 5+ Star energy rated products — the more stars, the more energy efficient
  • Get creative with packaging— instead of throwing it out, find creative way to reuse it around the home or garden
  • Buy local at farmer’s markets — fresher, tastier, sustainable and you’re supporting a local
  • Shop secondhand — one man’s trash is another’s treasure
  • Turn your devices off at the wall — you’ll save hundreds per year in power costs
  • Use natural, sustainable cleaning products — you can even make them yourself from household ingredients

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